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tillie ⇒ 22 ⇒ isfp/type 4 ⇒ i like gummies, diet cherry coke, and avoiding all adult responsibility.


Happy Birthday, Boyd!

Hey, guys! Today, September 1st, is Boyd Holbrook’s 33rd birthday! I hope he got to enjoy the presence of his loved ones and had a great time!

i go by: tillie (also sometimes people will call me matilda or tildo or tildawg or horkie or appleberry, all for various reasons)

and i’m from: ohio, usa, north america, earth, etc (which is: est repRESENT)

if i were a shallows char, i’d be: probably a weird unpleasant mixture between phlegmatic and melancholic if we’re bein real here. phlegmancholic.

my favorite color is: i like a lot of shades of green that aren’t vomit-y and purple that’s either super light so it’s lavender or lilac or super dark so it’s close to black. also really n2 grey (just not 50 shades of it).

top five favorite faces of all time: jessica stroup, oscar spendrup, max krieger, tom sturridge, imogen poots (these are just ones i love that i’ve actually used this is rly hard omg)

a plot i’d really like to do or see: i wanna see a character that’s had a lil bit of a hard time and just totally believes in the curse and believes that’s why and they’ve tried to leave fall river so many times, but they either get into accidents on the way out or something brings them back a week later every single time so they just go outside and yell at the town a lot and some people are like dayum u cray and other people just kinda nod solemnly like yep that curse

any current character ideas for shallows?: sadly, i don’t have anything super detailed yet, but i’ll definitely be posting blurbs when i finish crying over codes and ps and get to thinking xoxo

suggestions for us?: i suggest that everybody else do this and give us your suggestions ok


Did you ever just feel so lucky for knowing someone you met online?
Like.. I was one click away from not following you. I was one second away from never even knowing of your existence. 
I would never have been this happy. 

matilda omfg

y u omfg me

what are they

plugs for my ear holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just bought these and thats all you need to know about my life right now

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Richard Siken, “Black Telephone”

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basically im never gonna stop crying about html and css so this might take til october after all (not really) (at least probably not really)


Kid accidentally steals cup from restaurant

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i (lyra) admined a site a bit ago where we used the enneagram personality types for member groups, and it worked out well— after all, it’s good for character ideas as well as for plotting— but nine is so many. so we decided that we would do the four greek temperaments for shallows instead, in hopes that all the groups would get love and all of that fun stuff. so here they are, and here are their descriptors: your characters obviously don’t have to fit every “requirement”, most human beings don’t. they’re just guidelines!

  • sanguine: exuberant, enthusiastic, outgoing. optimistic, confident, poised, graceful. expansive, generous. romantically inclined; loves beauty, aesthetics, the arts. sensual, indulgent nature. sociable, gregarious, lighthearted, cheerful.
  • choleric: prone to anger, impatience, irritability; short temper. bold, courageous, audacious; confrontive, contentious. dramatic, bombastic manner; high powered personality. the rugged individualist and pioneer; thrives on challenge. the fearless leader. seeks exhilaration, intense experiences. driven, “type a” personality.
  • melancholic: practical, pragmatic, realistic. efficient, reliable, dependable. reflective, stoic, philosophical. can be nervous, high strung. frugal, austere; can be too attached to material possessions. serious, averse to gambling, risk taking. can be moody, depressed, withdrawn. can easily get stuck in a rut. 
  • phlegmatic: good natured, benevolent, kind. nurturing, compassionate, sympathetic, charitable. great faith, patience, devotion; tends to be religious, spiritual. sensitive, sentimental, emotional, empathetic. passive, slow, sluggish; averse to exertion or exercise. calm, relaxed, takes life easy.

whenever you guys want, you can start posting character/plot ideas in the tag: please do not mention faces until we open member reserves, but we’d love to see what you’re thinking and we’ll introduce our characters soon! in the meantime, please reblog our ad so this party can grow ♡